Grooming Requirements


All Collies need regular grooming, Smooth Collies are the easiest to groom because of their wash & wear short coats. They do have a double coat & will shed once a year. Indoor Collies will do some shedding all year round due to the warmer temperatures & dryer humidity of our indoor heat. For the smooth a good brushing once a week will keep your dog looking great & will mean less hair for you to vacuum up. For the smooth I like to use a palm sized rubber curry comb along with a soft slicker.

Rough Collies require considerably more work, but it is not a diffcult coat to care for. Twice a week brushing is plenty to keep your rough looking great, but the trick is in using the right tools & doing the job the right way. For roughs I use the soft slicker & a good pin brush. You must brush from the skin outwards & the long coat needs to be back brushed. Many owners brush over the top & think they are doing the job but in reality mats are starting at the skin.

Bathing can be done as needed, or at least 4 times per year. Some owners of rough collies will choose to have a professional groomer do this job for them, but most owners can handle the complete grooming & bathing of the smooth. If you choose to utilize a groomer be sure to ask if they are familiar with how to work with a double coat. Also please be aware that a rough collie is supposed to have a rather harsh texture to the outer coat. A correctly textured rough collie coat does not mat easily, but cannot be neglected either. There is nothing worse than a lovely rough collie whose coat has been neglected & must be shaved off. Coat neglect can lead to skin problems & a miserable unhealthy condition for your dog and is a reflection on the owner.


Rough or smooth it will be far easier to groom your dog & take less time if your dog is trained to accept this sort of handling from an early age. Toe nail trims should be done at least every 2 weeks & most owners can learn to do this at home. We encourage owners to do their own grooming on a regular basis as the grooming process forms a bond of trust with our dog. Many owners have told us that they find grooming their dogs a form of relaxation. It does work best to put your pup or dog up on a sturdy table for all grooming work. Be sure to place a rubber bath mat on top of the table so the dog does not slip. Have a helper hold the dogs head & offer occasional treats as an incentive. Dogs will tend to be more wiggly & less cooperative when you try to do the job on the floor which is their play area. Up on a table you will have better control. Make sure the dog does not fall. If you make the entire process pleasant for the dog it will be pleasant for you also.




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