We raise one or two carefully bred litters per year. We do not breed to supply a market for dogs. We breed exclusively to improve quality & health, and to find future hopefuls with which to carry on the bloodlines we are working with. We are currently in our 6th & 7th generations and all of our dogs trace back to our foundation bitch. We firmly believe that only the very best quality dogs should be used for breeding purposes, and breeding should only be done by those with the knowledge, experience, time, space & money to do it properly. Our goal is to produce a family of collies in rough & smooth coats of superior beauty & intelligence, exceptional soundness, longevity & good health, and correct collie temperaments.


The majority of our dogs have been sold as family pets over the years. We are very proud of the important role these dogs have played as companions, especially in families with children. We have also sold dogs as companions to elderly persons. Some have gone to kids who competed successfully in 4-H dog shows, and a few owners have easily put obedience titles on their Thorndale Collies, usually in only 3 shows. All pups sold as pet quality must be spayed/neutered. Adult dogs sold as pet quality will already be altered by our veterinarian.


Occasionally we will sell a dog to another serious fancier for show purposes. This is always on a co-ownership arrangement. We are proud to have sold several dogs over the years to others who have gone on to finish their Championships.


ALl dogs are sold with a written guarantee. We guarantee our dogs for life against any inherited disease or defect which interferes with the normal life of the dog. All breeding stock is eye checked by Dr. Sam Vainisi, a certified canine Opthalmologist. we eye test all pups by 8 weeks of age, then again at 1 year of age for all breeding stock. We also do OFA hip x-rays and we test for vonWillebrands disease. Dr. Vainisi has eye tested all of the dogs we have owned & bred from the beginning. If for any reason you cannot keep your dog, no matter what the reason is or how old the dog is, you can always return it to Thorndale. It is very important to us to know where all of our dogs are & that they are being cared for & loved.Our litters are raised in our home underfoot. We also have cats in our home so our dogs are used to being around other small animals. Because we have a busy boarding kennel our pups are able to gets lots of extra handling & attention from people of all ages. All of this helps socialize them & acclimates them to new people & situations. Pet quality pups are not available until 10 to 12 weeks of age. At this point we have already begun crate training so the pups are started on housebreaking. All pups are sold with the Super Puppy training Manual. We encourage new owners to enroll their new pets into a dog training class as soon as possible. All pups should attend puppy kindergarten classes, then continue on with a basic beginners class later.


All pups have their series of puppy vaccinations started before being sold & have been wormed as necessary. We keep our dogs on the heartworm preventative Interceptor all year round and our pups are on this when sold. Interceptor not only prevents heartworm disease but it also prevents infestations of round, hook & whip worms, which are common intestinal worms. Eyes are also checked by our Ophtalmologist prior to sale.



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